Critter Condos

  • Is your reptile confined to a "Fish Tank", or does your friend live in an enclosure designed for him/her?
  • Do you get frustrated by the limited top access from an aquarium because of the clumsy screens, lights and cords that you have to move around just to get to your reptile?
  • Does your reptile get all of the benefits of his UVB lamp, or does the screen top reduce its effectiveness?
  • Does your heat lamp heat up your room as much as it heats up your enclosure due to heat escape?
  • Is your electric bill higher than you like because you have to use high wattage bulbs to keep your tank warm?
  • Does your enclosure look like it belongs in the corner of the garage, or is it one that your could display in almost any room?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself and your reptile to check out Critter Condos, a high quality enclosure, finely constructed of melamine to hold heat, ease cleaning and reduce scratching with sliding glass doors to make it easy for you to access your reptiles enclosure for feeding, cleaning and getting to your little friend.

These Critter Condos come with an interior UVB fixture, heat lamp fixture, vents, and capped electrical wiring management for light fixtures and other electrical accessories, sliding tempered glass doors on tracks and a lip in front to allow for privacy or substrate. As you can see in my picture above, they can be easily stacked up to 4 high for efficient space management for multiple reptile owners and breeders. These are the enclosures used by many well known breeders, museums and even Sea World.

Critter Condos are now available across the US! I am the distributor for the following states: LA, MS, TN, AL, GA, AR, MO.


24"x12"x12" (black exterior with white interior) $75 plus shipping

33"x16"x16" (black exterior with white interior) $150 plus shipping

3' x 2' x 18" (black ex
terior with white interior) $200 plus shipping

4' x 2' x 18" (black exterior with white interior) $250 plus shipping 

Brand New ReptiSun 10.0 lamp 24" for Critter Condo $30

For more information about Critter Condos, please visit, or email me at

Shipping Options:

al pickup is preferred - and free
Pickup at a reptile show Dramatic Dragonz is participating in - also free
If available, will consider meeting within 2 hours of Baton Rouge, Louisiana - buyer to pay seller mileage at $0.50 per mile round trip.
Shipping long distances is recommended by bid on, though Dramatic Dragonz will be held harmless for any damage to freight after it leaves our facility whether during delivery or upon receipt.
For large quantities or deliveries close to the delivery route, we can arrange shipping direct from the manufacturer.

Cash, Paypal and Major Credit Cards accepted.
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